Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tumo Breathing

Yesterday and today, Jeff taught us Tumo breathing. Today's version was the advanced breathing. Before teaching it to us he gave us a lot of warnings so that we would be careful with it. He also showed a video clip of himself and 25 of his instructors studying with Wim Hof who had studied Tumo breathing. Tumo breathing is also known as "inner fire" and was perfected by Tibetan yogis to generate heat and were able to withstand the cold and snow of the Himalayas. I personally knew a Tibetan lama who had no heat in his room in upstate NY in the middle of December and laughed and said that it was cozy. Anyhoo. I felt my back start to get warm. The warmth oscillated in my lower to middle back. I can't imagine what it's like after you've been practicing for a while. We had a room of 2000 people practicing tumo breathing. Everyone in the room was very focused. I was impressed with how much chi I was able to feel by Day 4. They do an extraordinary job of presenting the practice. Jeff has a very simple and clear way of explaining but they also have wonderful animation and visuals to assist along with very well synchronized music. The staff is comprised of the instructors who all volunteer their time to come and help. They are one dedicated group and I was extremely impressed. Thanks to Jeff Primack and Qi Revolution!


Don Shetterly - Relaxing Piano Music said...

I was there to at the Qi Gong seminar and stumbled across your blog while searching for more information on Tumo. Great seminar! I've been continuing the level 1 form and stretching and it is helping center me in my days. I'm surprised at just how grounding it is and will keep up the practice!

Sani said...

Hi Don. Did you attend the certification class? Or the advanced Level 4? For me, the L4 was the best.

Don Shetterly - Relaxing Piano Music said...

Unfortunately, I didn't. I may look into all of that though another time. It was a good event. Nice to hear this about the L4